TALON CARGO GROUP is run by a team of dedicated and highly skilled logistics professionals with a vast wealth of experience in global logistics, in an environment that encourages career growth, information and knowledge sharing and mutual support.

Since its establishment, TALON CARGO GROUP has incorporated a remarkable team to carry out its objectives. Teamwork is crucial to achieving our goals, and this facilitates our ability to maintain an edge on our competitors in the industry.

Our team is guided with great leadership. Our well-trained leaders ensure our unity as a team, and they foster a working environment in which our employees have the opportunity to grow into leaders themselves and ensure the healthy longevity of our organization.



Our logistics experts possess an unmatched devotion to our customers and their demands. We understand that every customer requirement is unique, and that each movement requires a streamlined approach to minimize cost and ensure timeliness.


Training and Development.

An integral part of our strategy, investment in our human resource is one of the key areas that are geared towards generating and sustaining a competitive edge. Continuous training in upcoming technologies and practices ensure that we have the suitable and adequate human capital to respond comprehensively to strategic shifts in the transport and cargo logistics industry.



Over the years, we have built a culture that recognize, appreciates and recognizes innovation and creativity, the pursuit of excellence and the building of relationships rather than simple transactions. This unique environment allows us to attract high caliber staff who continue to deliver beyond expectations and set the standards in the industry.